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In addition to their pure functionality, packagings become ever more important in terms of product differentiation and thus of sales success. Ever higher standards are demanded of the quality of packaging and flexible production.

On the other hand, specific requirements are made on efficient and cost-effective production. That is why highly efficient high-speed machines dictate the rhythm in the packaging sector. Both Systec SP as well as El-Exis SP clearly exceed the valid industry standard with their high injection dynamics and short injection times. Systec SP has proved itself in all applications where cycle times of 7 to 12 seconds and fl owpath-wall section ratios of up to 350 are required. El-Exis SP convinces with its extremely high dynamics with rapid cycle times of less than 6 seconds and mould filling times of less than 100-ms.


Due to the varied product requirements, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag differentiates between and specializes on the following fields:

  • Standard caps, seals or closures
  • Special caps, seals or closures
  • Thin-wall packaging
  • Buckets


For each of these sectors, the company has a vast wealth of experience, and ideal customer solutions are available. This would include decoration techniques such in-mould labeling (IML) for the manufacture of thin-wall packagings or buckets.


Be it food, medical or technical packaging, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is aware of the complex and country-specific requirements of this industry. We support our customers with an interdisciplinary team of experts to provide coordinated and comprehensive solutions embracing excellent machinery, high-power tools and flexible automation.

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