Industry 4.0 Solutions for the Digital Factory

To stay competitive in today’s industrial business environment, SME manufacturers need to bridge the digital gap with the industry majors and operate at the highest global standards.  The next-generation cloud-based LeaderMES solution provides a real-time window into your manufacturing environment, for instant control and visibility over your operation.

LeaderMES allows SME’s to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence, improve corporate transparency, and optimize an information-based decision-making culture.

Product Highlights

With hundreds of installations on production floors around the globe, LeaderMES is a proven and robust solution.


Full compliance with MOM systems for industrial SME's

  • Production management
  • Performance analysis
  • Quality control
  • Finite capacity planning and scheduling
  • Material management
  • Inventory and traceability
  • Maintenance

Cloud-based agile solutions for the digital factory age

  • Achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence with minimum upfront investment and no extra operational complexity
  • Start small, for rapid ROI, and grow at your own pace
  • Configurable design to meet each factory’s unique requirements and setup
    • Multilingual customizable interface and MES
    • Command language

Plug Play technology for immediate and tangible results

• Fast, modular, non-disruptive, scalable deployment
• Robust 24/7 performance

How It Works

How It Works

Web, mobile, wearable, smart-connected applications

  • Designed to optimize tasks assigned to individual users
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Alerts and calls-to action in real time
  • Enhances collaboration and coordination between workers

Maximum information from multiple data sources in real time

  • Machine raw data
  • IoT measurements
  • User-input information
  • Tracking devices
  • Information systems
  • Peripheral systems

Secure data transfer from the factory to the cloud

  • Manufacturing data is encrypted for transfer from the shop floor to the Cisco router to the cloud, using LeaderMES proprietary InCloudFactoy™ secured data

Easy integration with peripheral systems, for precise, computerized control

  • Dosing
  • Cooling

Advanced analysis tools

  • Business Intelligence technologies and dynamic dashboard help assess performance and results
  • Statistical analysis
  • Granular production modeling supporting multi-scenario analysis

Innovative performance based licensing scheme for affordable and cost-effective ownership

  • Scalable per machine and machine type actually in use at any given time
  • Actual license fee is based on each machines daily utilization and throughput
  • You pay less when production is down, more when it is up; no payment for idle machines

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