Yushin Take Out Robots & Sprue Pickers

Yushin are Japan and the worlds largest robot manufacturer, and are widely considered the innovator in high speed applications. In Australia & NZ, Tasman has supplied well over 250 Yushin robots to our customers, providing them with solutions to their production needs.

HSA Series

150S, 250S

HST Series

150, 250, 400, 600

YC Series

30S, 70S, 100S, 150S, 250S

SC Series

70S, 150S, 250S, 350S



Yushin side entry robots are designed to sit alongside moulding machines in order to extract parts using the shortest possible stroke. Their lightweight, minimal construction make them ideally suited to packaging applications where parts are thinner and cycle times are extremely fast.

Because the whole mechanism resides at the side, there are no items above the mould where dust can cause problems. This makes side entry robots highly suited to clean room production lines for the medical and optical sectors, as well as being ideal for installations with low overhead clearance.


Yushin sprue pickers benefit from a simplified design compared to our other ranges which means they are nimble and very cost effective for the important task of removing waste material or small products from injection moulding machines.


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