IDE Extruders and Profile extrusion Systems

IDE Extrusion Systems have been supplying stand alone extruders, and downstream equipment to the plastics extrusion industry for over 55 years! For those in the profile extrusion industry IDE offer a full range of anciallry equipment, including coextruders, cooling units, haul offs, punching units, saw units, tipping tables, and tooling.

For Extruders IDE offer a full range of single screw extruders, suitable for a full range of thermoplastics, from 20 thru to 120mm an L/D ratio’s from 20 thru to 37.
For co extruders, Ide offer a universal, swivel mounted design, allowing centreline adjustment from 400mm thru to 1300mm. Co extruders are available from 20mm thru to 60mm and 20L/D thru to 30L/D.


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